Hello everyone, my name is Deredo, and my family and I have been involved in gambling on sports collectively for over 80 years. Over this period of 80 years my brother and I have concluded that you are most likely not going to come out on top, I mean is Vegas actually building billion dollar hotels and casinos with you WINNING? Well we all know the answer is NO, Vegas continues to prosper with you LOSING. This is the reason I am posting this website, as I am here to turn your fortunes around!! After paying for picks on expert sites we have found that they don’t know any more then we do. My brother and myself are not the best at picking games but we are not as bad as Peabody. I mean in the end we can all look at stats and figure out what team should win, that is the reason there is a favorite and an underdog. We are just saying that when Peabody picks a game it’s usually on the losing end due to his just flat bad luck.

My brother and I have kept track of my father’s picks over the last few years, and he is just flat terrible, he has to be the "WORLDS WORST PICKER"! I got a million and one stories about his losses, but, one in particular sticks out: we love to go to Las Vegas for the opening rounds of March Madness every year, and as we were getting ready to return home, I inquired,” How did you do Peabody?” He replies, “Not so good, I lost the first 20 games I bet, and it didn’t get much better from there.” So on the flight home my brother and I approached Peabody with an idea we had, we told him wouldn’t it be cool if we started a website in which we took your daily picks, and we would tell the general public to take the OPPOSITE SIDE, thus giving the general public, what I would say is a better chance of WINNING the game!! After he calmed down, he agreed this might be an excellent way for the general public to make some money off of Vegas, for once!! Peabody will be the first to admit, over the last 40 years he has bet, he is a definite LOSER! Don’t get me wrong there are times he does go on a run, but don’t we all at times and then reality sets in!!

So, what I am proposing is that I am going to post all his picks throughout every week, (some days he takes anywhere from 4-7 games, and where seasons overlap on weekends, I’ve seen him take up to 20 games or more), and I am going to run a scoreboard for each sport, and you will see for yourself just how bad it gets!! We will have credits in which you can purchase if you want to see his pick for a particular game you are interested in, but remember take the OPPOSITE as we know his picks in the long run will LOSE!! So, lets get started and see if we can get everybody in the win column with Peabody’s LOSERS, because no doubt about it he is the "WORLDS WORST PICKER"!